DZL series biomass-fired steam boiler

DZL series biomass fired fire tube boiler, as ZBG self-developed product, brings many national prizes on itself with compact structure and good working conditions. Inverted “α” design, make it available to fire biomass pellets and low value coal. It is also a chain grate boiler, a packaged boiler, lighter weight and smaller in size, easy and convenient to transport. Till now, We have sold biomass chain grate boilers to South Korea, Vietnam and Zambia.


1 - 20t / h


0.7-2.5 MPA


Biomass particles


Heating, chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing,

feed, medicine, building material, wine, rubber, hospital

dzl biomass-fired steam boiler1
dzl biomass-fired steam boiler2

Inverted α furnace arch design

(a) Longer fuel combustion period. Front arch is higher and shorter than rear arch, 45°angle between the two arches, which can extend the time of flue gas combustion time, and enhance thermal transferring efficiency;
(b) Available to burn various biomass. It design can burn biomass fuels such as rice husk, wood, bagasse, straw, sawdust, sunflower shells, as well as low calorific value coal;

wns oil-fired boiler3.jpg

Advanced sealing structure design

The side seal of the grate is advanced and reasonable, which can avoid the deficiency of side seal jammed grate and deficiency of side seal burned out. The boilers less than 4t/h adopt side seal cooling and angle iron reinforce plates, and more than 6t/h boiler adopt full touch side seal and down seal structure.

dzl biomass-fired steam boiler4.jpg

Flexible adjustment, symmetrically distributed wind

Separate adjustable wind chamber under the fire grate is equipped and wind is fed from two sides. It adopts new type crack screw wind adjustment structure so that the wind adjustment and ventilation cross section proportion is 100%. Thus, it is easy to adjust and the wind is distributed symmetrically.

Light weight and compact structure

Light Weight and Compact Structure. It weights 10 to 20 ton, and low freight charge; small volume, compact structure.

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