China has played a renewable energy advantage in the “Belt and Road”, and biomass energy has contributed

  • 2019-03-25

In 2013, President Xi Jinping proposed the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative. In the past five years, according to the principle of joint construction, joint construction, and sharing, international cooperation in energy resources has become the top priority of the “Belt and Road” construction. China's renewable energy is growing at a high speed, laying a solid foundation for its participation in the “One Belt, One Road” renewable energy cooperation.

China has played a renewable energy advantage in the “Belt and Road”, and biomass energy has contributed

On April 3, the Belt and Road Green Development Research Project released the latest report “Research on the “One Belt and One Road” Renewable Energy Development Cooperation Path and Its Promotion Mechanism” and “ASEAN Countries Renewable Energy Development Planning and Key Case Countries” in Beijing. The policy conditions, industrial conditions and existing opportunities and challenges affecting the international cooperation of the “Belt and Road” renewable energy.

The report proposes that by 2020, China will focus on renewable energy projects in key areas along the “Belt and Road”, expand the promotion and promotion of overseas investment in renewable energy projects, and enhance the international influence of China's renewable energy enterprises; After 2025, gradually improve the development of renewable energy integration projects and the application and promotion of smart energy and micro-grid projects, and strive to improve the market participation and market recognition of Chinese enterprises in the development of renewable energy in the “Belt and Road” region.

Biomass fuel is a kind of renewable resource. It has a wide range of sources and is clean and non-polluting. Therefore, biomass boilers are also favored by users. Nowadays, China has fully utilized the advantages of renewable energy in the “Belt and Road”. We can foresee that in the near future, biomass boilers will play an increasingly important role in industrial production.
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