10 mw coal fired steam cfb boiler

  • Capacity : coal fired hot water boiler
  • Output : double drum
10 mw coal fired steam cfb boiler

Advantages of energy-saving coal-fired boilers

Energy is the lifeline of the development of the national economy and an important material basis for improving people's living standards. In the energy consumption system, boilers and heating systems account for a large proportion. According to incomplete statistics, the annual coal consumption of coal consumption accounts for about one-third of China's coal production. Therefore, how to effectively save boiler energy consumption has become an important strategic issue related to the country's future.

The energy saving potential of coal-fired boilers in China is great. Carrying out energy-saving work is not to passively reduce energy supply, but to make full use of energy potential and achieve relatively technical and economic benefits with smaller energy consumption.

The energy-saving ways of energy-saving coal-fired boilers mainly include direct energy conservation and indirect energy conservation. Direct energy conservation reduces energy consumption by improving boiler energy utilization and reducing product consumption. Indirect energy conservation is to reduce raw material consumption and reduce scrap rate. Extend the life of the equipment to achieve energy savings.

From the perspective of the energy composition of industrial boilers, the energy consumption in the total energy consumption only accounts for 7.9, while the fuel consumption accounts for more than 90%, so the energy saving of boilers with fuel as the heat source is necessary.

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