China Industrial Automatic Chain Grate Coal 6 t/h Steam Boiler with Stoker

  • Capacity : Chain Grate Coal Steam Boiler
  • Output : 6 t/h
China Industrial Automatic Chain Grate Coal 6 t/h Steam Boiler with Stoker

Factors and solutions for thermal cracking of coal-fired steam boilers

In the production process of the coal-fired steam boiler, the internal coil or casing of the heat exchanger is damaged, causing the incorporation of the object to be heated (reaction material, distillation stock solution, etc.) and the incorporation of rust.

After the boiler system and commissioning device is finished, the internal cleaning work is not sufficient and the residual welding slag and mud are mixed; in addition, the poorly managed storage tank or the unsealed high-position tank can also generate rust. Air, water, etc. are mixed in. Before the heat transfer oil is filled, the heating equipment and the piping are not dry or clean, and the separation of the flanges after the operation starts is poor, and the heat transfer oil storage tank and the oil drum are poorly managed to form a mixture of moisture.

Avoidance measures for foreign matter in the heat transfer oil furnace: foreign matter, mainly refers to those substances that can change the physical properties of the heat carrier, so that it can be synthesized and polymerized. To avoid the intrusion of foreign matter, it is necessary to understand the reasons why the mixture cannot be mixed. Effectively avoid countermeasures. A heavy product produced by the serious deterioration of the heat transfer oil. Countermeasures for thermal cracking: The factor that has a great influence on the thermal cracking of the heat transfer oil is the wall temperature of the heating surface of the heating furnace. Controlling the temperature within the allowable range of the heat transfer oil is necessary to avoid thermal cracking and participate in anti-scaling additives suitable for evaluation by the Petrochemical Science Research Institute.

The energy-saving coal-fired steam boilers produced by ZOZEN mainly include SHL series bulk chain grate steam boilers, DHX series circulating fluidized bed steam boilers, etc.

ZOZEN has a good reputation on the market, this was the reason that we chose to cooperate with ZOZEN. It has been proved that ZOZEN deserved the name, ZOZEN not only provided us the high-quality steam boiler, but also offered us the comprehensive service.

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