1.25mpa coal fired 10ton steam boiler

  • Capacity : coal fired 10ton
  • Output : 1.25mpa
1.25mpa coal fired 10ton steam boiler

Preparation of coal-fired steam boilers before purchase and conditioning of steam pressure

1. Is the sub-cylinder in a coal-fired steam boiler a special equipment?
Can its parameters be the same as that of a hot water boiler? The sub-cylinder in the steam boiler belongs to the special equipment from the professional point of view, and belongs to the pressure vessel. Therefore, in the boiler installation, the monitoring and inspection of the device should be stopped together with the boiler, and it cannot be omitted or neglected. The parameters of the steam boiler are such parameters as boiler capacity, steam pressure and steam temperature, so it has the same parameters and different parameters compared with the parameters of the hot water boiler.

2. How to adjust the steam pressure in a coal-fired steam boiler?
Want to stop the steam pressure in the steam boiler, one can change the fuel amount to reach the purpose, increase the fuel amount, the boiler heat absorption will increase, thereby increasing the steam output, increasing the steam pressure, and vice versa; The second is to change the opening degree of the steam valve for a large purpose, the valve opening pressure is reduced, and the valve closing pressure is increased.

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