High Technology 10 ton coal fired steam boiler

  • Capacity : coal fired steam boiler
  • Output : 10 ton
High Technology 10 ton coal fired steam boiler

Preparation of coal-fired steam boilers before purchase and conditioning of steam pressure

Abstract: Coal-fired steam boilers, which are a common and commonly used type of boiler, are also one of our products, so it is necessary to familiarize and understand. Based on this detailed request, the relevant academic content will be discussed and explained below, and its detailed explanation is as follows.

1. Can coal-fired steam boilers be prepared before purchase? Can it be important?
Before the steam boiler stops the product purchase, it is necessary to do some preparatory work, and pay attention to this work and take it seriously and stop it. If the problem will affect the correct purchase of the product, it cannot be ignored and sloppy. In terms of work content, the first is to have a clear understanding of the product application environment and application requirements, and the second is to understand some basic information of products and consumer manufacturers, including product origin, specifications, size, performance and technical parameters, quality and price, and products. After-sales service, multi-faceted and comprehensive thinking, and then, let me have accurate judgment and correct choice.

2. Why does a coal-fired steam boiler prevent water from being filled?
Steam boilers should be prevented from being filled with water during the operation process. This phenomenon will cause a large amount of water in the steam, which may cause water hammer in the steam pipes in the boiler, thereby reducing the steam quality and Affects the normal supply of steam to the boiler. If it is more serious, it will also cause superheater fouling and damage to the steam equipment. Therefore, based on these adverse effects, this detailed request will be available.

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