high efficiency natural gas/oil steam boiler 4 tons capacity

  • Capacity : gas/oil steam boiler
  • Output : 4 tons


When the oil-gas boiler leaves the factory, it consists of three parts: the boiler main engine, the smoke fontanelle and the pipeline system, during which some of the main engine and the smoke fontanelle have been manufactured in the factory, and the matching pipeline valves of the main engine have been installed at random, and can be shipped to the site to assemble the main engine and the smoke fontanel. On the spot to connect the gas source, power supply, water pipe road can be tested. The device cycle is greatly shortened and the product quality can be guaranteed.

Fuel is a kind of liquid fuel. Its boiling point is always lower than the ignition point, so the fuel combustion is always carried out in gaseous state. After atomized oil particles are injected into the furnace, they are heated by high-temperature flue gas in the furnace to conduct gasification. The gasified oil and gas meet with oxygen in the surrounding air to form a flame. A portion of the heat generated by combustion is transferred to the oil particles to continuously vaporize and burn the oil particles until it is burned out. The smaller the diameter of the oil, the faster the combustion of the oil particles. Similarly, the oxygen required for oil particle combustion is supplied in time, and the faster the oil particles are burned. Therefore, to strengthen the combustion of oil, the following points must be achieved:

1. Improve the atomization quality and reduce the diameter of oil particles;
2. Increase the relative velocity of air and oil particles;
3. Reasonable wind distribution.

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