SZL Automatic Coal Fired Boilers Chain Grate Steam Boiler

  • Capacity : Coal Fired Boilers Chain Grate Steam Boiler
  • Output : Steam

          The characteristics of coal-fired boiler heating are not very familiar. It is found in the investigation that there is a problem of ignoring commissioning during construction acceptance. Whether it is a gas industrial boiler or a modular combined boiler. Designers and operators are generally used to designing and operating gas-fired boilers according to the design of coal-fired boilers, and differences between coal-fired boilers and gas-fired boilers are not fully understood. Here are some differences between them: 

          (1)The relationship between boiler efficiency and load rate is that different coal-fired boilers have low efficiency under low load. For example, when the load rate is 40%, the efficiency is 38%. For coal-fired boilers, when the proportional adjustment burners are used, the boiler efficiency is close to the rated efficiency under the condition of 30% ≤ 100% under the condition of good debugging.

          (2) The speed of boiler temperature rising and falling is different from that of the past. Non-microcomputer-controlled coal-fired boilers are used to control the return water temperature during operation under constant flow and mass adjustment. In fact, the backwater temperature is lagging behind when the water supply temperature increases by 4 °C ~ 5 °C, the backwater temperature may change 1 °C ~ 2 °C. for example, according to the control of backwater temperature, it is often impossible to achieve a large value to ensure energy saving on the basis of heating. If coal is so, gas boiler is completely automatic control, as long as the use of climate compensation system, it is easy to control the water supply temperature;

          (3)The relationship between boiler rated efficiency and boiler capacity is different. For coal-fired boiler, the rated efficiency is 72%82%for coal-fired boiler. The rated efficiency of gas-fired boiler is 0.7~29Mw1~40t/h, but the boiler efficiency varies with the capacity, which is much smaller than that of coal-fired boiler.

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