New design Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler

  • Capacity : Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler
  • Output : Steam
New design Biomass Wood Chips Fired Steam Boiler

The biomass sawdust ignition steam boiler can be equipped with a fuel(gas) ignition burner for automatic ignition. Boiler feed, combustion, slag removal, water supply, automatic control ignition, operation is very convenient. The boiler is equipped with an automatic cleaning device, which can remove ash from the boiler's heating surface in time to ensure the boiler's efficient and stable operation. The rear part of the biomass sawdust steam boiler is equipped with a energy-saving device and an air preheater is provided according to the user's needs. Compared with traditional boilers, boilers are more efficient and the exhaust gas temperature is lower.
Biomass wood shavings burning steam boiler uses highly efficient insulation, boiler surface temperature is low, heat loss is negligible. Production in strict accordance with national norms and standards, all pressure components are of high quality boiler steel. Each boiler must undergo rigorous inspection and testing before leaving the factory, including static water testing and X-ray testing. It is very convenient to set boreholes, check doors, fire holes, etc.. The biggest characteristics of biomass boilers are: energy conservation, environmental protection, and ease of installation and use.

ZOZEN has a good reputation on the market, this was the reason that we chose to cooperate with ZOZEN. It has been proved that ZOZEN deserved the name, ZOZEN not only provided us the high-quality steam boiler, but also offered us the comprehensive service.

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