rice husk fired hot water boiler 6 ton

  • Capacity : hot water boiler
  • Output : 6 ton
rice husk fired hot water boiler 6 ton

The hot water boiler includes a coal-fired hot water boiler, an electric hot water boiler, a fuel hot water boiler, a gas hot water boiler, etc. The hot water boiler is a boiler that consumes hot water, and refers to heat energy or other heat energy (such as electric energy) that is released by application of fuel. , solar energy, etc.) A thermal energy device that heats water to a rated temperature.

Construction principle of coal-fired hot water boiler

In the natural circulation hot water boiler, the inlet and outlet water are received from the top of the upper drum, and the inlet water is directed to the descending pipe into the front and side lower headers by the inlet water distribution pipe, and is heated and raised by the water inlet wall pipe. The front and rear ends of the upper drum are provided with a water blocking plate at the boundary between the falling and rising water flows, and the water blocking plate only blocks the lower half of the cross section of the drum. Regarding the forced circulation, the water inlet is connected to the lower header of the front end, and rises from the front water wall tube to the upper drum (when the front water wall drop tube is canceled), and then turns into the side water wall tube down tube to the side lower header, and then into the side. The water wall tube rises to the upper drum, and falls from the front convection tube bundle to the lower drum. Finally, several processes are returned between the upper and lower drums to discharge water from the rear end of the upper drum. Forced circulation boilers do not have an economizer.

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